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Textbook Questions & Information (FAQs)

Buying Textbooks On campus, free from professor, library, fellow students or seniors ?
You should only buy from bookstores only if your scholarship pays for your textbooks. Ever overpay, compare textbook prices at , Shop and Save Money .
Buying at campus bookstore is okay if there is little or no price difference. It is also okay to buy textbooks and return within  the return deadline. Order online, get the textbooks and then return the more expensive book you bought from the bookstore on campus. Make sure you know the return policy before you do that.

General Textbook  Return Policy at Local or University Bookstore: Refund only within first week or Monday of the second week of the semester. New books should be returned with their packaging, so never buy new.  All books should come with their bundled materials unopened and receipts must be presented at the time of return.

“Ask and you shall receive”.  Check with fellow students if they took the  classes that you are taking the semester. Check with your seniors or upper classmen. Not all students sell back books at the end of the semester. Some students keep them as reference material and may allow you to borrow it for a semester. Other may sell it to you definitely at cheaper prices than the University bookstore.  If you know someone from a class you plan to take next semester, offer them that you will buy the textbook from them at the end of the semester. Pay him / her 10% more than buyback prices offered to them at the end of the semester. So for a $50 buyback priced book, offer him / her $55 or $60.  It is a win win situation for both. The seller gets more and you saved a lot.
Professors may have an extra copy of a book that may be provided to him free of cost by the publisher. He may be willing to lend you the textbook for a semester if you have financial hardship.
University libraries usually carry the required textbooks for classes when the class size is larger than 40 students.  But these are usually placed on reserve section and usually available for short check out such as 4 hours check out, 1 day check out. However they may have the previous edition on the bookshelf see if there is drastic differences and then use. Some Universities will allow you to borrow books from other libraries  through Inter Library Services (ILS) either free of cost or with minimal charges, check if this option is available at your University Library.

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