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Save Money on Textbooks with : International Edition , Economy Edition and Paperback Edition
International Edition and Economy Edition are printed outside US for use at universities and colleges abroad.  There is usually not hardcover , but paperback. Most international edition textbooks are printed in Singapore, China or India. International edition textbooks often have disclaimers such as : “Not for sale in US or CANADA” , “Authorized of use in Asian Sub Continent Only”. It is perfectly legal to buy international edition textbooks.
International Edition textbooks may have different cover, ISBN and  poor paper quality, but a huge at 80% lower textbook prices. Sometimes Units used in International Edition textbooks may be in SI UNITS and not ENGLISH UNITS, sometimes currency may be different. Just confirm.
Most often there is no difference but the price, quality and looks. for new, used, international edition and rental books compares prices instantly.
Various Editions of Books
Look at the cover pages of the Textbook : System Dynamics 4th Edition by Ogata. All the cover pages are different but the contents are the same. Page 54 , 108 and all pages are exactly same word to word in all the four textbooks.
System Dynamics (4th  Edition)
ISBN10: 0131424629

The first is Internation Edition printed in China, Second is International Edition printed in India, Third is International Edition printed in Singapore, Forth is the US Hardcover. The International Edition printed in China and India are the cheapest available for $28.80 and US edition used is available for $73.99 including shipping.
When ordering book or textbooks , especially international edition shop ahead of time as some seller may ship international edition textbooks directly from abroad and not US location. You should usually get it in 5-8 business day but it may take longer if the shipping location is outside the US. Note may international seller may not ship to Alaska, Hawai and Puerto Rico.

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