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Textbook Questions & Information (FAQs)

Most reliable online textbook websites, Seller Reputation & Shipping Time ?

The search engine reveals and displays the prices across all trusted textbook websites on the internet. We display only secure and reputable websites and their prices. However one website may be better than other in terms of shipping service and money back gaurntees. Each of the websites have market places were students and booksellers list their books for sale. Seller reputation and feedback is more important than the website by itself.

Avoid buying textbooks from sellers who have less than 90% positive feedback and low number of feedback score.  Once you purchase a book, especially a textbook it is a good idea to email or message the seller asking them to ship ASAP.

Books are usually shipped by USPS media mail (Standard Book Shipping Service)  which usually takes about 5-8 business days to arrive at your door. This shipping service may sometimes take upto 15 business day before you see the book. You need your textbook on time for assignment and reading, so always choose expedite shipping which will ensure you get your book in as little as 2-5 business days. Expedite shipping is usually just $2.99 more than standard shipping. It is recommended you shop for textbook as soon as you have confirmed your classes for the semester.

Feedback on and
Feedback on Valore Books

Look at the feedbacks at the above picture.  The price difference between the sellers is just $1.02.  It is recommended you buy from the $21.10 not because the seller is cheaper but because they have a better rating 98% instead of 88% and also higher number of feedback 620 instead of 565. All websites will have feedback ratings for their market place. You can click on their names or feedback number to reveal the feedbacks that they received from book buyers or students.

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