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Textbook Questions & Information (FAQs)

Custom Edition or University Edition, Instructor Edition
Often you will find custom edition or university edition of textbook, which are not easily available at online bookstores and marketplaces. There if usually little difference from the standard edition but these editions will have note indicating “Custom edition for XXXX State University”.  Custom editions will force you to pay too much as their availability is limited in the online market places.  Also at the end of the semester when selling them back you will usually get lesser money as the demand for these books are low, limited to only your university. Check with your professor if you can use the regular or standard edition of the textbook assigned.

The ISBN of custom or university edition is different from the regular edition. So when using the search engine, enter the appropriate ISBN.

Instructor Editions are often available for sale.  These textbooks have disclaimers such as: “For Instructor Use only”, “Not for sale”, “Free Copy”.  Instructor Edition is available real cheap, at many website displayed at our search engine.  Instructor Editions are rear to find, but if you find it cheap grab it.

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