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TO SELL: 1. Enter the ISBN, Title or Author of the book 2. Compare the Buyback prices offered by textbook buybacks 3. Sell your Textbooks for the highest Cash
Textbook Questions & Information (FAQs)

Textbook Buyback Companies versus Sell My Textbook by myself
Textbooks are sold by students at the end of the semester. If you decide to sell your books, sell it soon. Don’t wait for a year after your classes to sell your books. New editions come in every two years or sooner. Once a new edition comes in the books you have are really worthless.
You have 5 ways of selling your textbooks:

  • Sell it to on campus bookstore or Local textbook store and receive instant cash. Usually least price for your textbooks.
  • Sell it to the maximum paying textbook buyback company. We will find you the highest prices for your textbooks. Receive check or PayPal money transfer after book is received at their end. Shipping is paid by the Buyback with prepaid shipping. No buyback companies will buy instructor or international edition textbooks.
  • Sell to Us. Check what we pay for your textbooks. We also pick up textbook directly from you (Selected Universities Only). You receive check or PayPal money transfer within 2 Business days after book is received at our door. Please ship with Delivery Confirmation #. Shipping is reimbursed on each Buyback of $50 or Higher at $4 per book. We do not Buy Instructor or International Edition Textbooks.
  • Sell it on or Market places. List it yourself. Get most for your book. Wait until the textbook is sold, ship it to the buyer with delivery confirmation and get paid on the 15th or the 30th of the month. International editions cannot be sold on or or charges about 15% commission on each sale that you make through their site. So a book that you sell for $100 you will pay them $15.
  • Sell to other student on your campus. Use our on campus book finder tool coming soon. Flyer outside a class or face book or let your friends know.
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