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Buying Previous Edition Textbook rather than Current Edition at 80% lower prices

Bringing in new edition is publisher tatics to make money again and again. New edition deprive the used textbook market and students from taking advantage of cheap textbook deals. Often there is little or  no difference from the previous edition. Publisher just change cover page and questions at the end of chapter. Current edition is 80-90% higher priced that previous edition.

How much as calculus, algebra, chemistry, physics changed over the last years? Nothing ! It may be justifiable to bring about new edition in subjects such as biology, law, economics, business, marketing, heath care every 5 years not every 2 years. survey with professors in 4 years colleges shows  that new edition are justifiable only when considerable changes in the subject is visualized.

A used previous edition textbook will be excellent study material for the tests, midterms, final and quizzes , but may be not for homework problems because you instructor may have assigned problems from the textbook which may be different in current ( new edition) and previous edition. In this case check it you classmates or friends before solving your homework problems.

Price comparison for current and previous edition textbooks:

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (4th Edition)
Fundamentals of Electronic Circuit - 4th Edition
ISBN10: 0077263197
1056 pages
Cheapest Used Price: $113.98, Cheapest International Edition Price: $48.80
Lowest Price $48.80 (As of Aug 2010 includes Shipping)
Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (3rd Edition)
Fundamentals of Electric Circuits - 3rd Edition
ISBN10: 0073301159
1056 pages
Cheapest Used Prices: $14.60, Cheapest Rental Prices: $19.00
Lowest Price $14.60 (As of Aug 2010 includes Shipping)

The above books are almost exactly the same, but the prices are not the same. Buy previous edition textbooks if you are short on cash and once again compare prices of the previous edition textbook using the search engine.

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