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Renting Textbooks versus Buying Textbooks ?
Which is better Renting or Buying ? Textbook renting have become common with rental offered for as little as 30 days to upto a complete semester. Renting is good as long as you don't have an option. Comparing prices and buy is the cheapest and most economically. Do not believe? Check out !!

Many students today use to compare prices before renting or buying. compares rental prices across  chegg , bookrenter, ecampus, textbookrus,  barnes & noble rental and more.

Is renting textbook value for your dollar? No. The answer is simple no!!!
Buy a used textbook after comparing textbook prices at which compares prices across 100+ bookstore, at the end of the semester sell it at or market place and get atleast 75% of what you spend on textbook shopping earlier that semester.  If your lucky you can make some money as well. If you are lazy sell it back to textbook buybacks. Check at what textbook buyback companies what to offer for your book ? Rentals are about 45% cost of book brand new, you return it and get back nothing. A $110 retail price new textbook is usually rented for $45 for a semester. The cost to keep the book for a semester $45. But you could have bought a US edition textbook used by comparing prices for $82 and at the end of the semester sold for $60 or so, then the cost to keep the book was only $22. Else buy international edition for cheaper than renting textbook.

Beware when renting textbook, excessive highlighting is not allowed and you must return the book within the due date else you may be charged. Whatever you deceide on, compare prices for used, new, rental and international edition textbooks before buying or renting.

For example let us look at some textbook prices: Prices as of  Aug 2010 including Shipping
Biology: Concepts and Connections (6th Edition)
ISBN10: 0321489845

More Information Link:
See the rental prices at : Chegg ($50) , Textbookrus ($48), Campusbookrentals ($32.50)
See the used prices at : Textbookrus ($86), Amazon ( $91)
Cheapest price is $32.50 Rental

System Dynamics (4th  Edition)
ISBN10: 0131424629
More Information Link:
See rental prices at : Chegg ($58), Textbookrus ($62)
See the used prices at : Abebooks ($73.99), Half ($83)
See international edition prices at : Abebooks ($28.98), Textbookrus ($29.74)
Cheapest price is $28.98 International Edition

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